Together for Lebanon

19.08.2020 News Press


Following the explosion in Beirut and the ensuing drama, the Boghossian Foundation has decided to significantly increase its contribution for sevreal projets.⠀

Jean and Albert Boghossian have taken action with an immediate funding of 250,000$ for:⠀

  • the repair of the Mesrobian School severely damaged by the blast ⠀
  • the distribution of thousands emergency food rations⠀
  • the granting of 80 scholarships worth 2,000$ each⠀

By providing food, education and protection to the most vulnerable children, the Boghossian Foundation wishes to meet the most urgent needs and protect the youngest, by ensuring that they can continue their studies.⠀

If, like us, you have been shocked by the situation in Lebanon, join us in our effort and make a donation to increase the impact of our action and to fund more scholarships.⠀

Donate : Fund of the Friends of the Boghossian Foundation’s account, via the King Baudoin Foundation: Banque de la Poste IBAN BE10 0000 0000 0404 Communication: ***019/1760/00122***⠀