Fire is the defining identity

Jean Boghossian's oeuvre is characterized by his innovative and daring artistic approach, which includes the use of fire, smoke and scorching as mediums to create unique and evocative works of art.


Jean Boghossian’s artistic practice is characterized by his innovative use of fire and smoke to engage with a range of materials, including canvas, paper, books, and plastics, which he manipulates through a variety of techniques that often leave behind visually striking patterns of perforation. In his paintings and drawings, Boghossian employs a diverse array of multimedia, such as watercolor, charcoal, oil, pigments, and acrylic paint, while experimenting with techniques such as folding, collage, and uprooting to achieve his unique artistic vision. His sculptures range from organic to abstract, crafted from a range of materials including wood, polystyrene, clay, marble, and bronze, some of which he imbues with the same fiery energy that characterizes his other works. Overall, Boghossian’s approach represents a unique and groundbreaking contribution to the contemporary art world.

Jean Boghossian


Jean Boghossian is an abstract multidisciplinary artist whose recent artworks all bear, at different degrees, traces of burn degradation.

It is through the process of willful damage with an invasive and rather violent method (fire), that Boghossian continuously searches for harmony. Conscious that one will never completely tame the chaotic move of flames and smoke, he enters the fire dance and moves along with the blaze until he chooses to stop the process. This is where he feels the right balance has been reached.