JB | UBP (Union Bancaire Privée) | Monaco

08.04.2024 News

UBP is proud to unveil ‘JB’, a new exhibition in the beautiful setting of its Monaco branch, the Belle Epoque building in Monte Carlo. The art displayed is by Jean Boghossian, a Belgian artist of Armenian–Lebanese origin, who is deepening his Monegasque roots. Known for his unique use of fire, Boghossian’s art bears the element’s distinctive scars, a burned and smoky quality which adds a sense of unpredictability and intensity to his creations. With each piece he creates, Jean Boghossian demonstrates an exceptional ability to manoeuvre through the intricate twists and turns of the artistic process in a dynamic approach that has established him as a prominent figure in the art world. Visitors to the exhibition are greeted with a central artwork representing reworked Ferrari pieces, a nod to the fiery technique and recurring automotive themes in Jean Boghossian’s work.