ART CAR | Jean Boghossian x Bentley Brussels

16.06.2022 News Press

In the midst of the digital revolution, where a part of humanity seeks to digitalize certain areas of our lives in a parallel universe that is superimposed on the physical world, otherwise known as the metaverse, we present a concept that goes against the grain.

Various stakeholders with a shared passion for the arts and sports have come together to achieve a world first :

ART CARS bring objects from the digital world into the physical world by bringing together :

  1. a world renown artist – Jean Boghossian,
  2. a luxury car brand – Bentley Brussels,
  3. a good cause ASCTR and YourGT,
  4. a team of three exceptional motor racing drivers made of :
    Stéphane Lémeret, Matthieu de Rabiano, Nigel Bailly,
  5. an innovative META Agency digital 3.0 –,