Abstract Writings, Abstract Thoughts | Wittockiana | Brussels, Belgium

16.01.2024 News

Jean Boghossian, a Belgian artist of Armenian and Lebanese descent, creates a non-conformist body of work exploring a wide range of media, including paper, canvas, wood, and artist books. His work is featured in the Wittockiana collection, where he has previously exhibited a selection of rescued books (phoenix). The new exhibition reveals a hitherto unseen aspect of his work: his writings on art, a constant element of his practice for many years. These ‘notes’ provide insight into the creative experience, serving both as a companion in his artistic journey and as commentary on life and the world. This collection of writings, straddling the line between introspection and world representation, unveils Boghossian as an artist-thinker. His reflections, in dialogue with his pictorial creations addressing the issues of medium and texture, offer a good glimpse into the depth of his work.

Public Opening
19 April 2024

Rue de Bemel 23
1150 Brussels