"Tra Due Fuochi" - Beirut Exhibition Center

This exhibition marks Jean Bogossian’s second passage at the Beirut Exhibition Center for a solo exhibition, after Burning in 2011. Over the years, Jean Boghossian has experimented with different techniques –drawing, oil painting, charcoal, watercolor, folding and collage- on his way to working with the theme and techniques of fire. Bruno Corá, art critic and President of the Burri Foundation Cittá di Castello in Italy, will curate the new exhibition that’s mostly centered on this theme.

What interests the artists here is the search for equilibrium in controlling the unexpected behavior of fire and smoke. There’s magic in the randomness and instability of this process. He uses different burning techniques to attack books, canvases, paper and plastic, as if with a will towards constructive destruction which he calls “the mirror of the soul”.

Other artists have used burning tools before, including torches, welding machines, candles, powder and explosives. However, Boghossian uses them in his own way to create his very own visual language.


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