"Rythmes & Matières" - Brussels

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

After participating in the 57th Venice Biennale last year as a representative of the Armenian National Pavilion, Jean Boghossian continues his work with fire in a series entitled "Rhythms", presented for the first time in September in Beirut during an exhibition curated by Italian art critic Bruno Corà entitled "Building with Fire". 

Based on the idea of building through the destruction caused by fire, and thus to overcome the negative connotation generally associated with this medium, the artist proposes a series of collages of coloured papers chiselled by the flame of the torch worked in alignments on monochrome backgrounds. The rhythm emerges from the graphic composition that emanates from the burning process and from the particular vibration of the paper which detaches itself in places. The paper and canvas is then mixed with the ash to draw reliefs and depths that can evoke alternately cracks, labyrinths, abstract writing, or the movement of water.

Through this exhibition, the artist wishes to explore the beauty that lies in the interval preceding the total destruction of the matter which constitutes the artwork, thus posing a reflection on the preservation of what is destined to disappear and on the vulnerability of the existence. Besides, this reflection is not unrelated to his personal history and to the Middle East’s which has seen in recent decades, over the course of wars, gradually disappearing a part of its heritage and its memory.


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