"Fiamma Inestinguibile II" - Yerevan

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

Upon representing the Armenian pavilion at the 57th Venice Biennale, Boghossian is now showcasing a continuation of paintings with several directives in mind. Unpredictable Horizons highlights the artist’s latest experiments in abstraction and script, which have unfolded over the course of a few years

The initial works of the series reflects on Boghossian’s interest in preserving historical, poetic, and mythical scripture, while also preserving memory and traditions - the very essence of the identity and the epos of a culture and people. In paintings such as the Filigrane Transparency series, the rectilinear and parallel compositions and perforations of the canvas caused by the fire on the backgrounds produce an imaginary script that, like the ever shifting tongues of fire, must primarily be understood by the senses.

Throughout his work, Boghossian often experiments with the law of randomness and the unexpected behaviour of the hazard, while always questioning and researching new ways of expressing himself. The different materials and techniques produce various outcomes that then become pictorial, sometimes taking on plastic forms, making up the repertoire of the artist’s opus, while continuing to reach new levels of aesthetic exploration


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