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Updated: Apr 28, 2019

At Galerie Tanit, Jean Boghossian is presenting two series of his latest works which poetically evoke a certain sense of nature through subtle combinations of colors.

His first series is a selection of small size canvases made of colored paper collages chiseled by the flame. These paintings where paper and ashes mingle organically offer a fresh view on the use of fire in art. Far from evoking the destruction caused by fire, these paintings where the technique used is almost invisible, convey, on the contrary, peaceful plant worlds. This impression is further reinforced by their delicate and friable surfaces which vibrate in contact with air such as petals or leaves. Soothed, Jean Boghossian returns to his roots by recalling the cedars of his childhood in Lebanon.

Untitled_Mixed_Media_40x60 cm

The second series, made with trails of dry pigments on canvas, then evokes geometric abstract colored landscapes. Pigments, such as sediments, form thousands of strata stopped in places by empty linear trajectories. Atmospheric effects, stock charts or psychedelic vision of a mountain through a broken monitor, Boghossian takes us into an ethereal world in which nature is perceived in its purest form.

Untitled_Mixed Media_40x60cm


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